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It’s October[fest Time] in Oklahoma! Get ’em While You Can! (Prosit!)

Oktoberfest in Germany has come and gone, but it’s just starting here in Oklahoma.

Ok, Old Germany and the Choctaw Oktoberfest have already happened, but shhh!

It’s not really time to drink those less citrusy, marzen-style beers until I can wear a hoodie with a pair of shorts and swig it around a backyard fire pit. But the beer companies insist on shoving cooler weather beer at us during the hottest time of the year, end of July/early August, so we’re going to celebrate it whenever we want.

Before they start lugging in the spicy winter warmers, that is.

Most of these German beers are created so that you don’t get full and wasted while you’re day drinking at the fest. They have a bit of hop, a bit of malt, and they are fairly light in flavor and in alcohol. ayin







The American marzen-style tend to be a bit sweeter, have a little more malt, more caramel and toffee notes. They tend to have a bit more flavor. I’m a big fan of those kinds, myself. Shiner has a great Oktoberfest.


Not all marzen-style beers are low in alcohol, either. Check out the Imperial Oktoberfest lager from Avery’s Dictator series. The Kaiser weighs in at 9.5% APV  (definitely a little heftier than Ayinger’s 5.8%) and has the feel of a traditional beer, but the flavor of an American…with a punch.


Oklahoma kind of knows what it’s doing in Beer Land now, so it only stands to reason that they have a toe in that lake, too. Coop Ale Works  has got a marzen-style worthy of the title, while Anthem Brewing has a Vienna-style lager that is roasty and malty–AND they’ve even got one that’s been aged in bourbon barrels, if you want to get nerdy about it!


So enjoy this beers while they are here…I think I see the Sam Adams Winter Lager there on the horizon!