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Sale Rack Spotlight

As many of you know (or don’t know), we have a sale rack. And on this sale rack are products that, for whatever reason, haven’t sold. They aren’t bad products. They aren’t expired or just awful. They might have been bought once and never again, or just fallen out of favor. Or they were just products that were special ordered for someone who a) never came to pick them up or b) moved to Australia (that actually happened).

Oftentimes, if there’s a lot of something on the sale rack, like a beer that just didn’t go over well, I’ll take it home and give it a try. Contrary to popular belief, those of us who work in liquor stores don’t always try everything. We can’t. We’d be in the Oklahoma equivalent of Betty Ford. So we do a lot of research in other ways.

Well, there wasn’t any other way to get around trying this one. With wines, you can get some easy tasting notes: black pepper, currant, shoe leather, pencil lead, what have you. But beer is a little bit more difficult.

I thought I was ahead of the sour beer trend when I brought in the Urban Family Brewing Herr Kinski’s Blackberry Thought Forms. Yeesh. The name alone should have warded me off. But no, it was a new brand of beer to the state, so hey, let’s grab one and see what’s up.

Well, what was up was the price. Originally retailing at $11.99, the poor thing just sat on the shelf gathering dust. But there were a few hardy souls willing to shell out the $12 for this 12 oz bottle.

Usually, if a beer comes in a single 12 oz bottle, the alcohol content is pretty high. See BrewDog’s Tokyo. It’s odd to see a single beer this size for this price with such a low percentage of alcohol.

So it sat. And sat. Went through markdowns. Then finally, it got moved to the closeout rack. We put a couple in Level 2 Mystery Beer Bags, but nothing moved the folks to purchase.

Months later, and there are finally 6 left. Out of 12. I took one home for myself to try. I didn’t let it linger, like I’ve done in the past with random and various beers.

I opened it, poured a little out to check the color–a lovely pinky/purply color–and then smelled it…then, tasted it. I was expecting a full-bodied, tart blackberry, with a hint of those sour beers everyone is going crazy for today. Blackberry lemonade, basically.

Well, that’s exactly what I got. Minus the whole lemonade thing. It was a really nice drink. It’s chuggable, it’s sippable, it’s almost like a Lambic or a tiny bottle of wine, what with that low alcohol content.

It was SO GOOD. I just can’t advocate the purchase of it just because of the low alcohol content, BUT it is a very well done product, so maybe THAT and the experience is worth $10.

But there are only 4 left, so I’ll leave it to those 4 people to tell me if it is worth it or not.







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